• End to end support for implementing, upgrading WMSs from leading vendors
  • Worry free WMS implementations and upgrades
  • A company focused on delivering world class WMS implementations at compelling cost with highest quality
  • A team that has unparalleled knowledge of WMSs from leading vendors
  • A domain savvy team that understands WMSs from the ground up.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

WMS - Implementation Services

Implementing or upgrading a WMS can be daunting at best of times. Getting the system in a production steady state is a challenge and we are here to help. Keystone’s team participates and drives a range of deliverables across all activities of a WMS install.

Here is a cross section of activities that we often get involved in:

Design and Configuration

  • Work with business team to identify and document the functional flow to support the desired business operations
  • Identify and document gaps to the base product
  • Configure the WMS to suit the designed operational flow

Mods Design and Development

  • Develop technical designs for the modifications
  • Develop customizations

Functional verification and validation

  • Develop functional test cases to test base functionality based on the documented operational flow
  • Develop test cases for modifications developed in-house
  • Perform functional testing and certify the product for the documented business flows
  • Perform defect management
  • Perform regression testing when vendor(s) deliver new software patches or releases

Data migration

  • Develop SQL scripts for data migration
  • Perform data migration testing to ensure functional correctness of migrated data and
  • Tested the migration scripts for performance compliance
  • Drive data migration activities during production cut-over

Performance Testing

  • Design the performance test scenarios based on the application foot-print in play
  • Develop performance scripts for identified scenarios using a variety of tools like LoadRunner
  • Create required performance test data to handle the predicted volumes
  • Setup and configure the load tests
  • Ran a variety of scenarios via to stress system for both normal and peak loads
  • Document and reported performance issues to product vendor(s). Work with the vendor to get issues addressed

Reports Development

  • Design and develop custom reports
  • Design and develop dashboards that help monitor the health of the system

Regression Automation

  • Develop automation scripts to regression test the product; harness key scenarios inbound/outbound and inventory
  • Utilize advanced concepts like data discovery and data creation for increased usability and flexibility
  • Perform regular testing of newer builds to identify regression breaks and report defects to the product vendor

Implementation Support

  • Work with the business teams to setup the solution in production env
  • Configure and run ‘day-in-life’ tests to ensure smooth go-live
  • Help define standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Create training material
  • Participate and when necessary drive end-user training
  • Work on data migration activities

Production Support

  • Provide level 2 production support; leverage our onsite-offshore capabilities to provide timely support and issues resolution
  • Monitor production environment; check for uptime, application crashes, fatal errors and alerts
  • Analyze application logs to identify potential issues and fatal errors
  • Perform issues triage for problems reported in production
  • Troubleshoot data and configuration issues
  • Work with end-users to help them through usability questions and training issues