• End to end support for implementing, upgrading WMSs from leading vendors
  • Worry free WMS implementations and upgrades
  • A company focused on delivering world class WMS implementations at compelling cost with highest quality
  • A team that has unparalleled knowledge of WMSs from leading vendors
  • A domain savvy team that understands WMSs from the ground up.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)...

Robust fulfillment to fuel growth

At Keystone, WMSs are our second nature. We can help you develop a robust fulfillment strategy and help you through the entire process of installing or upgrading to a suitable WMS. Keystone's WMS practice is rooted in deep domain expertise and experience in implementing solutions for some of the world's largest retailers and multi-channel companies.

WMS Implementations and Upgrades

Keystone offers the entire portfolio of resources to help implement a new WMS or upgrade an existing WMS. From working with your business to designing the operations flow, our functional and technical consultants will work with you to meet your business needs. For a new implementation, there are several key activities, right from building a RFP to vendor selection to running a project office to get the software procured, customized, tested and installed. You can rely on Keystone to meet all of these objectives. Our deep knowledge of best of breed WMSs coupled with use of proven implementation processes minimizes and eliminates risk of cost and time overruns. The average experience of supply chain services group is 6 years and this shows in the high quality of work we produce.

Some of the key areas where we are often asked to help are:

  • Product Selection
  • Mods Design and Development
  • Reports and Dashboards Training
  • Operational Design
  • Performance Testing
  • Design and Configuration
  • Data migration
  • Training
  • Functional verification and validation
  • Regression Automation

Keystone's Value Add—

Taking some of the largest warehouses live with industry leading WMS and optimization systems


Developing operational
designs to drive efficient fulfillment and lower costs


Pre-built testing frameworks for quick and robust WMS implementations