• Third party logistics is a fast growing business. We recognize both process and systems challenges LSPs face and have the background to help mitigate and solve these challanges

Distributed Order Management

Building tomorrow's supply chain

Organizations are increasingly driven towards multi-channel fulfillment including shipping from stores, hubs and consolidation centers and of course the traditional warehouses. Customers are demanding decreased shipping times at low cost and using a blend of in-store and online shopping to achieve the best shopping outcome.

Companies are driven to accurately predict, account and make visibility available inventory so as have the best chance of meeting a customer demand. This is where a distributed order management system (DOM) comes in handy. A DOM is capable of aggregating all known orders and all available inventory including the inventory in-transit and on a PO and make the best fulfillment decision for any given order. Some software vendors also leverage common technology platforms to enable tighter integration between a DOM and inventory systems and help drive overall efficiency of the supply chain.

What can Keystone do for you:

  • Evaluate the right DOM solution and associated components based on your supply chain network
  • Help design the right integration across supply chain components to ensure correct usage of a DOM solution
  • Work with your business users in setting up the right configuration and rules for best possible outcomes
  • Configure test and implement the selected solution
  • Develop reporting and monitoring tools to measure and tweak the system to improve results