• Actionable insights across a range of areas
  • Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time
  • Analyze key metrics in Network Usage, Fulfillment, Sales and Customer Service
  • Utilize our proven predictive models to control churn and drive retention campaigns

Revenue Analysis

Would you risk in letting intuition lead you to right customers and craft right plans? Or would you take a rigorous analytical approach supported by a best of breed productive

Is going after the Right customers, and ensuring Right plans and thing achieved by intuition? Or would it be more of an analytical approach with Network revenue health being a constant monitoring point that helps understand the steps/remedial steps needed to ensure a perfect growth chart, as in the end the Revenue narrates into growth of the network!

Analyzing Revenues doesn't end with analyzing the billing/invoice values, but it carries on into a lot of whys and what ifs which can be raised by looking into details about where or which segments or plans or services or customers the revenue coming from. These trends often enable in understanding, planning and predicting Revenues that help in better and analysis of ARPUs, customer bottle necks, service planning, product planning and marketing of right product to the right segment and right time.

Insights for Telecom helps in Revenue Analysis and helps in answering the following questions in detail :

  • Analyze Revenue in a multitude of ways
  • Identify profitable customer segment and increase the ROI on your marketing spend
  • Analyze which offerings (plans / products / VAS) are most successful and have high ARPU
  • Analyze and segment ARPU on a variety of factors
  • Analyze which segment of your customers have payment problems
  • Analyze the revenue trending compared to the forecast and competition
  • Analyze and monitor for an uptick in ARPU from a particular customer segment that was targeted.