• Actionable insights across a range of areas
  • Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time
  • Analyze key metrics in Network Usage, Fulfillment, Sales and Customer Service
  • Utilize our proven predictive models to control churn and drive retention campaigns

Price Plan Analysis

The 'right plan' is always the harbinger of customer satisfaction which translates into growth. The customer base is generally tied to the Plan than the network at least during the initial phase wherein the requirement of free minutes, price per minute & other services appeal to the customer, till the complete confidence and loyalty sets in

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Hence, having a perfect plan at the doorstep to welcome new customers is extremely important. This behooves service providers to keep tab of the changing customer preferences and constantly innovate to build the right plan. Service providers will need to look at sustaining customers for the long run. Proactively working with customers to ensure they are on the right plan while retaining expected margins is the order of the day.

Insights for Telecom, is a best of breed solution that helps the networks in analyzing the plans better and answers the following questions:

  • Analyze and Identify the Customer base attracted to a particular plan
  • Analyze the Migration trends
  • Identify the Customer choosing wrong plans for their needs
  • Identify potential plans that may help increase ARPUs
  • Identify pockets where offers could play a role in retention of customer base
  • Identify whether a Plan is profit making or not
  • Identify the areas which could be explored to make the CLV increase majorly
  • Identify the rate plans that would cause attrition