• Actionable insights across a range of areas
  • Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time
  • Analyze key metrics in Network Usage, Fulfillment, Sales and Customer Service
  • Utilize our proven predictive models to control churn and drive retention campaigns

Predictive Churn Management

Customer churn is a very well known problem that continues to attract time, resources and investment from organizations across sectors. Understanding and controlling churn is the holy-grail for many companies. It is a well known fact and quantitatively substantiated that customer acquisition costs far outweigh investments required to reduce churn. Even a few percentage points drop in churn often proves to be very salubrious to the bottom line.

A free-market system and a continuous quest of service providers to innovate their service offerings and a perpetual desire of the customer for increased quality of service create a fertile situation for customers to look for a greener pastures. Increasingly, churn is being dictated by factors that cannot be directly controlled by a service provider. Social influences play as important a role in inducing churn as a drop in quality of service.

Communication service providers are in the forefront when it comes to pushing for newer insights into customer behaviour and churn prediction. In the remainder of this document, we will present the problem and our solution/model to tackle churn in telecom space.

Churn management involves a lot of detailed analysis on the customers leaving the network and the usage patterns, network plans and services utilization that contributes to a customer leaving the network.  Insights for Telecom provides you a framework to build predictive models that help in generating the propensity of a customer to churn. The results of the model(s) can be fed to retention campaigns to control churn and retain a risky customer base. Our solution enables service providers to test and deploy models that can built from a variety of influencers; from call patters to billing attributes to interactions with customer service, models can be crafted to suit the customer base that is relevant to the service provider.

Insights for telecom helps in answering the following questions and helps the network retain customer and have a higher customer lifetime value and an effective customer life cycle.

  • Analyze & Lower Customer Attrition
  • Analyze the attrition rate and Customers leaving the network
  • Identify the customer segment that is at risk of churning
  • Predict the Churn and Identify the customer segment prone to churn
  • Understand and Identify the changing customer base over time
  • Analyze the pain points in revenue caused by
  • Analyze customer touch points for the churned segment and understand potential service issues