• Actionable insights across a range of areas
  • Single version of the truth – no more islands of data and SQL queries and Excel-Marts
  • Provide decisions makers with the right data at the right time
  • Analyze key metrics in Network Usage, Fulfillment, Sales and Customer Service
  • Utilize our proven predictive models to control churn and drive retention campaigns

Customer Segmentation

Understanding customer behaviour is more than just looking for trends. It demands a systematic study of subscription activities, usage patterns, customer service interactions, billing/ handset preferences etc. Effective customer segmentation and related actions increase revenue, pushes up the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which in itself a valuable currency in today’s intense competition.

Insights for Telecom' enables communication service providers to segment their customer base effectively and answer critical questions with ease.

Some of the analyses you can do with the solution are:

  • Segment and analyze Customer base
  • Analyze the subscriber base for the "Right Customer"
  • Analyze APRU to find profitable customer segment
  • Analyze average CSO cost
  • Study customer behaviour to fashion VAS promotions
  • Analyze your customer better based demographic profile
  • Analyze customers based on the credit history and risk profile
  • Analyze revenue and usage
  • Analyze and differentiate between Good Customers and High Risk Customers
  • Analyze and improve Customer Life Time Value
  • Analyze the "Number equity" of the Customer