• Get real time visibility and historical trends of key fulfillment KPIs
  • Track critical warehouse KPIs like Dock To Stock and Order Cycle Time
  • Visual display of alerts on an actual 2D warehouse layout
  • Location utilization analysis on a warehouse location layout
  • Time based historical analysis of key KPIs

Reports and Dashboards

In most operations, there is always a need to quickly create and run adhoc reports. These are very tactical in nature and can change from time to time. Companies are often required to spend on a recurring basis on the reporting initiatives. With Keystone's solutions this becomes a non-issue. Our solution facilitates a end-user to setup her own reports in a drag and drop fashion. The solution has an abstraction layer that makes it possible to create express reporting objects in business terms. Reports can also be created and published by more experienced users with SQL skills.

You can accomplish following with our solution:

  • Create reports in a drag and drop fashion utilizing the pre-configured meta-data
  • Create free-from reports by direct SQL injection
  • Develop dashboards in a jiffy
  • Schedule reports to run at specific times
  • Deliver reports to via emails