• Get real time visibility and historical trends of key fulfillment KPIs
  • Track critical warehouse KPIs like Dock To Stock and Order Cycle Time
  • Visual display of alerts on an actual 2D warehouse layout
  • Location utilization analysis on a warehouse location layout
  • Time based historical analysis of key KPIs

Location Utilization

Warehouses are constantly challenged to utilize locations in the most effective manner. Operators have to contend with seasonality and shorter product life-cycles. While slotting solutions make it easier to re-slot inventory to increase picking efficiency, all ills with inventory location are not addressed. Here is where Keystone's 'qwerty' comes into picture. We enable you to create a 2 dimensional layout of the warehouse at a grain of area/zone/aisle/bay and enable you to see a variety of KPIs and Alerts on the actual layout. You can create multiple layouts and assign specific layout to users based on their role. For example, a supervisor in-charge of beauty products can look at specific aisles where these products are stored.

You can take advantage of a number of off-the-shelf visualizations; some of these are:

  • Inventory aging
  • SKU fragmentation
  • Location utilization
  • Pending Cycle counts
  • Locations with missed picks