• Get real time visibility and historical trends of key fulfillment KPIs
  • Track critical warehouse KPIs like Dock To Stock and Order Cycle Time
  • Visual display of alerts on an actual 2D warehouse layout
  • Location utilization analysis on a warehouse location layout
  • Time based historical analysis of key KPIs

Inbound Productivity

For warehouses, a critical goal is to ensure that once inventory arrives into the yard, it is efficiently received, sorted, verified and putaway. All too often warehouses are faced with challenges of dock door space, lost inventory and most importantly inability to allocate inventory to orders despite having it within the four walls of the warehouse. Keystone can help.

Here are some features of our solution that will enable you to streamline your inbound operations, remove bottlenecks and improve efficiencies:

  • Dock-to-stock time
  • Door door utilization
  • Receiving metrics
  • Putaway metrics
  • Quality assurance alerts