• Get real time visibility and historical trends of key fulfillment KPIs
  • Track critical warehouse KPIs like Dock To Stock and Order Cycle Time
  • Visual display of alerts on an actual 2D warehouse layout
  • Location utilization analysis on a warehouse location layout
  • Time based historical analysis of key KPIs

Supply Chain Analytics

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."Galileo Galilei

Visualize, report and act on supply chain events that matter to your business

Keystone Logic offers a performance management, reporting and alert management system that sits on top of an existing solutions like WMS/LMS and extracts, transforms and presents the data to enable quick decisions. The solution is web based and architected using proven technologies that support rich internet applications. It provides a visually rich user interface and intuitive dashboards that present a wide variety of data across multiple dimensions. It enables companies to keep a close watch on KPIs that define the performance of its DC operations and help in proactively managing the same.

Implementing a business intelligence solution is an expensive and time consuming process. With Keystone's ready to deploy solution you can cut the timeline, reduce the implementation cost and get your decision makers the information they need.


Some of the salient benefits of our solution are:

  • Be pro-active; measure and monitor industry standard KPIs without any customizations
  • Warehouse Order Cycle Time
  • Dock-To-Stock Time
  • Location KPIs
  • Quality Assurance Metrics
  • Custom KPIs
  • Setup alert generation rules that suit your business operations
  • Spot deficiencies in your fulfillment processes and fix them before it affects customer satisfaction
  • Enable your decision makers with real-time information;no more daily reports
  • Compare and contrast KPIs across facilities or across divisions and drive efficiencies across the board
  • Build custom reports in a jiffy; business users and data analysts can be self-sufficient

Some of the key features of our solution that distances it from the competition are:

  • Benefit from the lightweight footprint of the solution;run on commodity Linux/Windows hardware and on a variety of RDBMSs including Postgres
  • Utilize our unique visualizations to aid decision making - alerts and exceptions shown on two dimension layout of the warehouse
  • Data warehouse designed from the ground up to handle multiple-facilities, large volumes and real-time data feeds
  • Standard security and role based access mechanism
  • Integration with google maps
  • Android and iPhone support