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Being Omnipresent

Supply chains are the backbones of companies in Retail space. Excellence of retailers is largely predicated on the agility and strength of the supply chain and systems; distribution centers or warehouses play a significant role. A high performing supply chain invariably opens us new vistas of opportunities and enables organizations to growth and gain market share and customer loyalty.

Enough has been said about the intense competition in retail space; however this same competition has led to some amazing innovations in product engineering, customer service and of course supply chain management.  The latest 'mantra' for every retailer is to move into an 'omni-present' state from a store-only state.  Retailers are increasingly pushing supply chain technologies and systems to blend the online / store experience into a cohesive one.


Bringing the online-experience to a store

Recent studies have shown that users are more and more switching back and forth between online and store shopping.  Stores are often used to browse and then the actual purchase happens on a website, potentially with another company.  This presents both a challenge and an opportunity to retailers.  From setting up kiosks in stores that bring a online-experience to enabling customers to pickup orders from a store, retailers and deploy multiple innovations to ensure customer loyalty and increased market share.  The physical experience of a store offers an excellent opportunity for cross-sell and up-sell opportunity and to connect with the consumer to create a lasting experience. Combining this with convenience and cost-competitiveness of digital buying presents a sustainable way forward.

Moving to Multi-Channel

The days of a pure-play store centric business are pretty much over.  Between shopping at stores, through a catalog, on a website via a computer or a mobile, today's consumer has a multitude of options.  A company's primary goal is to convert a customer interest / impulse into a concrete order.  Multi-channel sales leads to fulfillment challenges that companies must overcome to successfully meet customer expectations.  To be a successful multi-channel player, companies need to modify their processes and handle integration challenges.  Supply chain visibility and distributed order management become critical.

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