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Direct to Consumer

Shipping on time, every time

Most store-centric retailers are increasingly investing in D2C space.  This space has seen double digit growth year over year both in terms of revenue as well as in terms of IT investments.  D2C business presents newer challenges to retailers in terms of fulfillment.  Retailers need to rethink the supply chain planning processes and adapt to newer fulfillment technologies for distribution.   From tilt-tray sorters to conveyer systems, ecommerce centric warehouses need to be designed from the ground up to handle large number of orders.

From a mouse-click to a touch

Connecting with consumers

The foremost challenge facing any direct-to-consumer company is the ability to stay ahead of changing preferences.  The website/mobile medium inherently enables the consumer to connect better with the offering, be more inquisite and critical. There is a lot of impulsive buying which presents a massive opportunity but also reduces the margin for error when a customer does not find what she is looking for.   

Online buying presents daunting challenges not only in terms of fulfillment but also in terms of planning and procurement. Companies are required to make investments in terms of warehouses that are built for eCommerce to developing the right integration with Store fulfillment systems to facilitate innovations like pick-up from stores etc.  


Fusing online-offline shopping

Companies can successfully increase both online and store orders by building a robust eCommerce platform.  When a customers enjoys a retailers website it is likely that they are tempted to visit the store as well.  Integrating order fulfillment across channels and enabling options like 'store pickup' will bring online-only customers to a store and increase the chances of cross-selling and up-selling.

Build a brand

Given the pervasive nature of internet access today, a well-crafted site presents a huge branding opportunity.  Tailoring marketing campaigns that utilize social networking elements will significantly increase the likelihood clicks-on the company's site and potential sales.

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