• Third party logistics is a fast growing business. We recognize both process and systems challenges LSPs face and have the background to help mitigate and solve these challenges.

Third Party Logistics


For Logistics Service Providers or 3PLs the focus on execution, supply chain execution matters.  In the outsourced logistics world, the competition is tough and the margins are always challenged.  In this environment, 3PL companies need constantly drive down the cost per unit in terms of warehousing and drive up the utilization of their transportation assets.

Keystone consultants have tremendous experience in dealing with 3PL fulfillment challenges.  We can work with you from identifying the right solution to deploying a well run multi-tenancy systems.  From WMS to third party billing we can help you across your fulfillment problems.


Shift to online-shopping

As consumers become more and more comfortable with the online shopping paradigm, LSPs are bound to see growth.  Another paradigm shift is the resurgence of small companies that offer unique products.  Both of these shifts will generate new transportation and warehousing business for 3PLs.

International Solutions

Typically 3PLs setup and ran fulfillment for a local market.  A new trend that is emerging the need for retailers of all sizes and shapes to ship directly to international customers.  This changes the complexity of fulfillment and requires extraordinary market depth and knowledge to stay profitable. This is fantastic opportunity to 3PLs that have presence internationally and are capable of shipping at competitive rates.